by Lucine


Through her collection with H&M, Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour wants to send a message of hope and light to women around the world.

It all started at the age of six. On a day just like any ordinary day, Sandra Mansour was walking back from school. When she stepped into her house, she found her mother wearing a beautiful long emerald dress. “Something magical happened that day. I was captivated by her and by what she was wearing. That’s a memory I will never forget.”

Sandra started making garments for her dolls; tiny little dresses made from whatever scrap of fabrics she could find. The years went by, and Sandra fell in love with painting. She went to art school, got her degree — but she always felt that something was missing. She realized that she could combine her passion for drawing and textures into creating wearable designs. In 2010, the womenswear brand Sandra Mansour was born.

The fashion house is known for its dreamy and daring aesthetic — always with a modern coolness to it. Sandra’s attention to detail and craftsmanship, mixed with inspiration from art and her surroundings in Beirut, shines through in all of her designs. For the Sandra Mansour x H&M collection, she draws inspiration from elements of nature and female artists such as Toyen, Dorothea Tanning, Lena Leclercq and Bibi Zoghé. The result is a feminine and strong range of dresses, blouses and skirts. There’s even a tailored blazer and a printed T-shirt and hoodie. Fit-and-flare shapes and ruffled hems are mixed with volume and statement details in an earthy colour palette of mushroom greys, ivory and black.

Sandra Mansour, the eponymous Beirut-based brand known for its dreamy and daring aesthetic — always with a modern coolness to it. Inspired by strong female artists and the beauty of nature, the collection features intricate designs in a muted colour palette, where handcrafted details like edgy ruffles and layers of romantic fabrics create a youthful, empowering look.

“The inspiration for the H&M collaboration was nature and natural elements. Especially the sunflower, which represents the cycle of life, and its dependency on sun and light. Poetry and painters inspired the selection of fabric – the dark laces, jacquards, and embroidered organza. With the Fleur du Soleil collection, I want to talk to women around the world by sending a message of hope, something we really need right now,”

Sandra Mansour, CEO, and designer.

“The first things you notice about Sandra Mansour’s designs are their dreamy qualities and sheer beauty, but then you get further drawn into the craftsmanship, the storytelling and the modern youthfulness. There’s also something empowering about the femininity. We’re proud to be collaborating with such a trailblazer and look forward to launching the collection worldwide!”

Maria Östblom, head of design womenswear at H&M.

The Sandra Mansour x H&M collection will be available online as well as in selected stores worldwide from 6 August.