Cherry Red Color

by Lucine

Feeling like you can't escape seeing red all over the place? Everywhere you turn, it's Cherry Red this, crimson that – and you might be wondering why the world suddenly seems to be drowning in a sea of rouge. Well, buckle up, because there's a reason behind this scarlet takeover, and it's not just a random burst of color on the fashion spectrum. Welcome to the era where seeing red isn't just a coincidence; it's a deliberate style choice that's setting the fashion world ablaze.

If you're not familiar with the term, it's time to catch up. Cherry red isn't just a color; it's a lifestyle. The internet has been drowning in this cherry red aesthetic since fall 2023. But before influencers and fashionistas claimed it as their own, cherry red was already an internet darling, a timeless hue that adorned lips, nails, and shoes, standing tall as an 'it girl' color.

Inspiration from street style and influencers, credits to various Instagram accounts

Where did it come from? It's not just about having red on your nails or picking any old shade of crimson. No, no, to truly embrace the cherry red vibe, you've got to be more selective. Picture a more burgundy-like red, a shade that's berry rather than full-on crimson. It's about sophistication, a vampy allure, an untouchable vibe that oozes sensuality.

But here's the twist in the tale – cherry red has evolved. It's no longer just a fall fling. This vibrant color has seamlessly woven itself into other trending styles like corpcore and coquette. It's a chameleon, adapting to whatever the fashion landscape throws its way.

To all fashion brands, here's the advice: if you want to be cool, throw some cherries into the mix. Splash cherry red on your feeds, add it to your product list, and voila – you're on-trend. Don't believe me? Check out the Instagram accounts of trendsetters doing this cherry red revolution.

Prada, Ferragamo, Versace – they've all given the nod to this bold hue. And it's not just confined to clothing. Luxury perfume packaging, as exemplified by Tom Ford's burgundy masterpiece, is also embracing the red wave.

But let's zoom in on a specific detail that's setting the fashion world ablaze – red tights. Move over black, there's a new sheriff in town. Paris Fashion Week witnessed the rise of statement-making red tights, paired effortlessly with glossy red ballet pumps.

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Then we had winter's holidays with its cold and chill that wrapped us in its icy grip, why not inject some warmth with a festive pop of red? The statement-making red sweater stole the show earlier this fall, and it's not ready to relinquish the spotlight. From oversized leather bombers to classic Burberry check midi skirts, the versatility of cherry red knows no bounds.

And for the minimalists, fear not. Red tights, the unsung heroes of this trend, are here to save the day. Kendall Jenner knows the drill – finish off your look with a red handbag or classic red shoes. Even a ballet flat or loafer can work wonders when paired with your trusty khaki trench coat or black blazer.

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The best part? Cherry red is no fleeting fancy. It's a forever classic, ensuring these pieces won't be booted out next season. So, in the immortal words of fashion enthusiasts worldwide – bring on the red revolution, one cherry at a time.

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