Street Style


by Lucine

Whenever I find myself in Milan, a city that feels like a living runway, I can’t help but take a stroll through its vibrant streets. Armed with just my smartphone, I aim to capture those candid moments where people effortlessly merge with fashion in the most unassuming yet captivating ways.

These observations aren’t unique to my first visit; they seem to repeat themselves every time I’m here, especially during Fashion Week. As I wander through the charming cobblestone alleys, I can’t help but notice Milan’s unique relationship with style. It’s not just reserved for special occasions; it’s a way of life.

With each click of my camera, I capture the essence of Milan’s fashion intertwined seamlessly with everyday life. Each snapshot encapsulates the city’s innate ability to effortlessly blend fashion into its daily tapestry.

This recurring photographic journey reinforces that in Milan, fashion isn’t merely a trend but an intrinsic part of personal expression and a living art form. It’s a reminder that the city itself is a canvas where fashion paints the backdrop to everyday stories, making Milan not just a fashion capital but a lifestyle embraced by all who call it home.