Tallinn Fashion Week Fall 2018. Knit

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Liisa Soolepp

Designer Liisa Soolepp creates stories through knitwear that is made to last. Her simple, yet personal perspective is born and bred by cold climate, life in Eastern European province and desire to create more meaningfulness. Patterns and textures that describe her knitwear are inspired by local surroundings.

TFW Liisa Soolep 1TFW Liisa Soolep 8 TFW Liisa Soolep 2TFW Liisa Soolep 4TFW Liisa Soolep 7TFW Liisa Soolep 9TFW Liisa Soolep 5TFW Liisa Soolep 10TFW Liisa Soolep 3TFW Liisa Soolep 11

Kristel Kuslapuu

Kristel Kuslapuu’s AW18 collection is inspired by dark secrets, phobias, social anxieties and traumas. The pieces themselves, talk about serious and inconvenient subjects through highest levels of self-irony. Most of the bold, colourful designs in the collection are hand knit as a protest against fast fashion. A twist is added by portraying serious topics with cute and fuzzy materials, such as yarns from alpaca, camel, goat and sheep. Flirting with sculptural forms, bold colours, unique patterns, the collection shares provocative messages and symbols, transcending traditional gender conformity.

TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 1 TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 9 TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 2 TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 3 TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 5 TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 6 TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 4TFW Kristel Kuslapuu 8


WOOLISH is an Estonian knitwear and home textile brand. Producing products under own brand is new, but the history and the heritage of the 4th generation family company goes back to 1928. WOOLISH is all about feeling comfy and special.TFW Woolish 1TFW Woolish 2TFW Woolish 6 TFW Woolish 7TFW Woolish 5TFW Woolish 3TFW Woolish 8TFW Woolish 4



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