Tallinn Fashion Week Fall 2018. Achromatic

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NV by Kriss

New Vintage by Kriss” is a jewellery brand that creates cool, gorgeous and wearable jewellery. From the beginning the aim was to empower women to live lives fully, to dream big and to act bold, to forget about the rules and follow their own path. BECOMING FIERCE jewellery collection was shown during the nomination for Golden Needle Award 2018.

TFW NV by Kriss 5 TFW NV by Kriss 4 TFW NV by Kriss 2 TFW NV by Kriss 1 TFW NV by Kriss 6 TFW NV by Kriss 3 TFW NV by Kriss 7 TFW NV by Kriss 8

Al Meta Studio

AL META is a project that was born out of the idea of smart design and the mathematics of how nature forms it’s shapes. The materials used for the knitwear comes from the knitwear factories that is usually thrown away on landfill. When connecting the pieces, the brand follows the arithmetical averages.

TFW Almeta 1 TFW Almeta 3 TFW Almeta 2 TFW Almeta 5

Studio August

August is a clothing brand combining natural materials with innovative design. Harmony between comfort, practicality, and style is the main concept behind the design process.
Construction of clean forms, refined lines, and silent expression embody these collections which are suitable for anyone appreciating elegant clothes as well as sustainability in clothing design.

TFW August 4 TFW August 2TFW August 6 TFW August 5 TFW August 7



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