Wild Garden. Zara

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Wild Garden
Deep inside,
it is about to burst out
to come up through
my skin
Flowers weaving through
my ribcage
my lungs, breathing
cannot stop them
as they wind their way
and push through
An entire garden
growing in my heart
I am ready, so ready
for the next, most
beautiful part
Irises, roses, hyacinth
flourish in full bloom
Crocus bluebell coxcomb…
They burst their colors,
making room
Take me to a higher place,
let me give of myself fully
Let this love wash over me
in a sacred river’s rush
let inner joy course through my veins
let me open myself to trust
I want its head to rear up
petals to burst open
as the stamen stands with pride
This will come
it will happen soon
For there is nothing more
to hide

Written by Lora Lee

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Photo images: ZARA campaign 2018



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