Arman in Pohla Design

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I’m overexcited to show you these recent shots of Arman in his new linen outfit from Pohla Design.

This handsome little guy perfectly knows how to act when mommy takes the camera. These poses are so natural that I don’t even need to guide him. It’s pretty hard to choose a good shot, because all of them are perfect! Maybe, I just love my kid so much that it becomes impossible to choose just one picture of him.

Anyway, here’s a stylish summer outfit (polo and pants) from the newcomers in Estonian market – Pohla. This brand delivers unisex clothes for kids from natural fabrics, mostly linen. The founders, two mommies, came up with an idea to create clothes that can be worn by kids despite gender, which means that all clothes can be shared between siblings in one family. Isn’t that genius?

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  1. Megan Charles says:

    She looks damn pretty in it and to be honest she is killing it.And that smile just made my day, that’s the reason I love kids.

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