Oriflame Fashion Weekend. Yerevan

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Oriflame Fashion Weekend. Yerevan
Edita Prosyan

Though I’m a bit late with this post, it was my must-do review of Oriflame Fashion Weekend held in Yerevan this September. Over 20 designers presented their recent collections during the weekend. To be frank, I was also expected to be present, but due to some circumstances, I had to postpone it till next year.
Here are my favourite picks from what I saw. Happy to share these cool, wearable and trendy, designs… and hey, there are plenty of amazing designers in Armenia – proud of that. Can’t wait for them to join our HAY-HAY project! <3

MADE: f by Faina S/S 2018

Armine Ohanyan Paris S/S 2018
Oriflame Fashion Weekend. Yerevan _84A5932a_84A5981a
_84A6083a_84A6116a Oriflame Fashion Weekend. Yerevan _84A6189a_84A6231a

Varduhi Barseghyan
_MG_2534a _84A6428a_84A6446a

MADE: Kivera Naynomis S/S 2018
_MG_8047a _84A8736a_84A8628a

Nelly Serobyan S/S 2018
_84A4359a _84A4406a_84A4494a

Narek Jhangiryan S/S 2018
_MG_2621a _84A6838a_84A6794a

MADE: Aram Nikolyan S/S 2018
_84A8288a _84A8344a_84A8355a

Biayni by Vahan Khachatryan S/S 2018

Vicken Derderian S/S 2018

Petoor S/S 2018

KiveTat S/S 2018

Sonya Avagian S/S 2018


Anna Hakobyan S/S 2018_84A3735a

MADE: Young Harmony S/S 2018



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