Fall 2016 Pantone Fashion Colours. How to Wear?

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Fall 2016 Pantone Colors
Fall 2016 Pantone Colors

FALL 2016: A Unity of Strength, Confidence, and Complexity

Blue skies represent constancy as they are always above us. Grays give a feeling of stability, Red tones invite confidence and warmth, while hot Pinkish Purples and Spicy Mustard Yellows suggest a touch of the exotic.


According to Pantone Color Institute, this fall can be described with the following words – tranquility, strength, and optimism. Though the main palette for autumn is set in earth tones, there are several vibrant pop-ups that appear throughout the collections.

In this post, I’ve made two selections – one from the catwalks, so that you can see how these trendy colours look at fashion shows; the other one, using garments from the shop. I know that it’s not easy for many of you to find the exact colour on the right item. Moreover, some people can’t imagine what the Potter’s-Clay-coloured coat may even look like. Below you will find an illustrative pick to better understand the colour trend!

Голубое небо представляет собой постоянство, которое всегда над нами. Серый дает ощущение стабильности, а красные тона придают уверенности и ощущение тепла, в то время как лилово-розовый и пряный горчичный добавляют экзотичности.

В соответствии с прогнозами Pantone Color Institute, эту осень можно описать следующими словами – спокойствие, сила и оптимизм. Несмотря на то, что основная палитра осенних цветов как правило близка к землистым и натуральным тонам, есть в этом сезоне и необычные вспышки цвета.

В этом посте я подготовила две поборки: одна на основе образов с подиумов, чтобы видеть, как обыгрывали цвет дизайнеры и стилисты во время показов; а вторая подборка состоит из предметов гардероба из магазинов. Эту иллюстративную селекцию я сделала специально для тех, кто с трудом представляет, как, например, оттенок «Кожа акулы» или «Пыльный кедр» могут смотреться на пальто или обуви.


Pantone 17-4028

Earmarking the importance of Blue in the palette, the new blue shade of PANTONE 17­-4028 Riverside undeniably takes precedence in the fall collections.

  • Cool and calming, strong and stable
  • Displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication
  • Borders on exciting, yet
  • Maintains a sense of constancy
blue catwalk
Lacoste, Michael Kors Collection, Celine
blue color trend 2016
Stella McCartney blazer; Ivo Nikkolo scarf; Valentino boots; H&M jeans; See by Chloe bag; Mosaic necklace; Any Hindmarch purse; Lindex hat; Miu Miu shirt; Cellbes dress.

Pantone 14-4122

Pantone 14-4122 Airy Blue’s lofty nature evokes feelings of lightness and freedom.

  • Designers seeking weightlessness in a world heavy with conflict
  • Blue tones appear in nearly half of the designs
  • Airy Blue nods to Serenity
  • Pair Airy Blue with Lush Meadow, Taupe or Dusty Cedar for fresh approach
pale blue catwalk
Oscar de la Renta, Milly, Michael Kors Collection
light blue color trend 2016
Ivo Nikkolo hat, socks, dress; Michael Kors coat; KARA bag; Dorateymur boots; Antonini ring; H&M shirt; Elliot jeans.

Pantone 17-3914

There’s an edge to PANTONE 17-3914 Sharkskin, and yet it manages to remain neutral.

  • Pair-able with almost any fall color, bright or muted
  • A color that the rest of the palette can literally and theoretically rest on
  • Showcases practicality through a dependable but contemporary lens
grey catwalk
Valentino, Lacoste, David Koma
grey color trend 2016
Lindex jacket; Monton bag, belt; Tabitha Simmons boots; Henry London watches; Acne Studios pants; Ivo Nikkolo earrings; Rag&Bone scarf; Theory coat; Marks&Spencer top.

Pantone 18-1550

In contrast to the stable backbone of the Fall 2016 palette, PANTONE 18-1550 Aurora Red adds a welcome punch.

  • A bold Red that is warm, sensual and immediately pleasing to the eye
  • Gets the metaphorical blood of the palette pumping
  • Exciting and dynamic, breeds unmistakable confidence
red catwalk
Antonio Berrardi, Chalayan, Blumarine
red color trend 2016
Pallas top; Cushnie et Ochs pants; Mosaic beret; MAJE coat; Christian Louboutin ankle boots; River Island earrings; Gianvito Rossi overknee boots; Marno dress

Pantone 16-1318

PANTONE 16-1318 Warm Taupe is a hearty, pleasing and approachable neutral that pairs well with each of the top 10 shades of the Fall 2016 season.

  • Suggests reassurance and stability
  • Trusted, organic and grounded
  • Departs slightly from the foundations of the Fall 2016 palette
  • Timeless
beige catwalk
Chanel, The Row, Valentino
beige color trend 2016
Antonini earrings; Mosaic bag; Monton skirt; Tamaris overknee boots; Ivo Nikkolo coat; Seppala scarf, Marks&Spencer hat; Rick Owens dress.

Pantone 18-1630

Like Airy Blue, PANTONE 18-1630 Dusty Cedar gives a nod to the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz.

  • A fall and winter version of the Pinks we’re used to seeing in spring
  • Dustier rose-toned Pink shade with some complexity
  • Exudes warmth and welcome
pale marsala
Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Paul Smith
pale red color trend 2016
Marks&Spencer blazer; H&M earrings; Mnsur Gavriel bag; Gabriela Hearst pants; Lindex scarf; Burberry London coat; Aamaya by Priyanka ring; Ivo Nikkolo socks; Miu Miu shoes

Pantone 18-5845

PANTONE 18-5845 Lush Meadow brings to mind fresh botanicals and foliage.

  • Rich and elegant, vibrant and sophisticated
  • This shade displays a brightness, panache and depth of color that elevates it from more natural greens
  • Elevates the overall elegance woven through this season’s collections
green catwalk
Emporio Armani, Milly, Gucci
green color trend 2016
H&M pleated skirt, dress; Gucci boots, shirt, beret; Lindex bag; Antonini earrings; Ivo Nikkolo skirt.

Pantone 14-0952

Bounces elegantly off other colors in the palette, PANTONE 14-0952 Spicy Mustard is an exotic addition.

  • Adds another splash of uplifting vibrancy
  • A spicier, zestier Yellow than previous seasons
  • Unexpected and unusual
  • Comes through in both the abstract and geometric accents that designers employed
yellow catwalk
Chloe, Gucci, Valentino
yellow color trend 2016
Ivo Nikkolo shirt; H&M headband, scarf; See by Chloe skirt; Jimmy Choo shoes; Madewell jacket; Marks&Spencer bag; River Island dress; Mosaic belt; Les Gorgettes bracelet.

Pantone 18-1340

PANTONE 18-1340 Potter’s Clay has an added degree of sophistication and layering.

  • Elements of russet Orange in its undertones, gives a grounded feeling that’s anything but flat
  • Neutral earth tone; expected for fall and winter palette
  • A shade with real substance; a strong foundation
marroon catwalk
Paul Smith, Diane von Furstenberg, Derek Lam
maroon color trend 2016
Lindex sweater, skirt; Stella McCartney shoes; Marsk&Spencer bag; Henry London watches; Mosaic hat; Les Gorgettes bracelet; Max Mara coat; H&M keychain; See by Cloe sandals.

Pantone 17-3240

PANTONE 17-3240 Bodacious speaks to the gender fluidity we continue to see.

  • Lends itself to vibrant color combinations
  • Unexpected in fall
  • Versatile; can be used with Pinks and Reds
  • Bright, rich Purple, with hints of a more sophisticated Pink
  • Turns fashion accents into fashion statements
lilac catwalk
Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Lacoste
lilac color trend 2016
Halston Heritage dress; Gucci flowers brooche, sweater; shoes; Bottega Veneta clutch; Etro cape; Antonini ring; H&M bomber; ILLESTEVA eyewear.

Info source: Pantone, Vogue



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