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In the beginning of August we were invited to our first market of kids-wear. I suppose these “baby-related” events will happen in our lives much more often than we expect. I had no idea that here in Estonia there were so many cool brands focusing on baby fashion: Mimi BabyDadamoraBluebird LasteriidedLiss,Kalamaja Printsess, Miisu MütsidVillapaiEERIN, Fabritseeritud aktid by Anna Lutter, AMIKI children

В начале августа нас приглисили на одно мероприятие, посвященное детской моде. Да уж, походу, нас впереди ожидает еще один неизведанный мир – мода для малышей. ))) Одним словом, я была удивлена обилием местных марок, специализирующихся на детской одежде. И почти все они сосредоточены на удобстве и экологичности, хотя одежда при этом не перестает быть стильной. Ниже приведены некоторые марки, с описанием и ссылками на их сайты.

This is an inspirational blog/brand owned by creative Anna Lutter that designs unique pieces for home and family members. The main slogan “Do not through things away!” Anna gives the second live to good old things. Her creations are a masterpiece and her blog has lots of a detailed stories of DIY.

Anna Lutter

Adult-inspired clothing fashion trends for boys and girls aged 0-10 years
Garments are characterized by a sudden twisting of materials, cuts and color use. Clothes are inspired by adults fashion trends.

Mimi baby

Clothing brand Liss was established in May 2012 to fulfill Estonian market with kids outerwear. Nowadays they produce trendy coats and jackets for girls as well as jersey clothes for everyday use. Besides, they add handmade embroidery to every dress and coat.  

liss rõivabrand

Villapai makes ecofriendly products for babies, kids and adults.
The company is mostly inspired by Estonian craftsmen that produce handmade pieces. And of course, the main inspiration became the kids because of whom the whole business has begun.Villapai offers a handmade knitwear from Estonian sheep wool; clothes made of recycled materials with the unique design prints; silk/woolen underwear and handmade toys from the sustainable fabrics.

AMIKI brand designs and produces beautiful nightwear for children aged 2-12 years. Pyjamas and nightgowns are made of 100% cotton and organic cotton – which gives kids skin ability to breathe while they having their sweetest dreams. AMIKI sleepwear comes with simple design, is comfortable to wear and easy to care. There are also added some prints for personality and uniqueness. 

Beyond that, kids will have a classic, simple yet luxurious look from night until the morning- always perfectly fitted and made to the highest quality.

Dadamore produces handmade toys, clothes and accessories for kids.
Dadamora was launched in July 2013 as a family and lifestyle inspiration blog to pave the way to the elaboration of a brand with the same name. It is a collaboration between two Estonian artists, Mariliis Oksaar and Maara Räpp.
Their cooperation started as a friendship more than 10 years ago. Since then they have shared everything from wine to boyfriends to world views. When they coincidentally both had a child in short intervals and started sharing parenting and craft ideas, creating their own kids brand, Dadamora, was a very natural course of events.

Bluebird Kidswear is a family owned company, founded by a mother of three, who wished to offer their children a comfortable, high-quality, colorful and joyful maximum life span of clothes. Prompted by the desire, she began to sew for her children. The word spread among the friends and their friends and she started a company, which is still managed by the same values – make a comfortable, high quality and maximum life span of clothes to sincerely provide the best for children.
Keeping child’s comfort in mind, the majority of the Bluebird clothes are made of cotton jersey. Cotton Jersey stretches and lets the skin breathe and therefore the child feels comfortable and free.

Produced in Estonia Miisu beanies are made  for adults and kids. These vivid hats have many different bright patterns.The wide range of Miisu beanies varies all the time, that’s why anyone can find the hat according to his/her taste. 

miisu hats

Majas Minni is a bakery that has a wide assortiment of snacks, cookies, cakes, etc. Everything that kids like most of all! 🙂




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