Dotted outfit x cyclong shorts

Sporty Polka Dots

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Long time no see, right? Join the dot army as this graphic pattern is a great alternative to florals and checks that are also trending. You will find many spotted

monochrome outfit


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When it’s -15C outside, you don’t even think about going for an outdoor photoshoot. Another problem – snow that is almost everywhere, and soon it will start melting. So I urgently have to

bare shoulders


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When the heat finally reaches the town, it becomes harder to choose the right clothes to wear. This season is all about baring the shoulders. I think most of you

Heart Stripe

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Black&white mania!!! Stripes have swallowed me up! Can’t do anything, but monochrome is my fav combination – defines the lines and frames! За последний сезон у меня наблюдается черно-белая мания!!!

Winter Casual

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It might be because I’m fed up with jeans and dresses during the cold season, but I just love wearing shorts if it’s a little inappropriate to do. ))) Layered over

Jeanne d’Arc

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We’ve arrived to Orleans. Cozy tidy city – significant place for Jeanne d’Arc. Inhabitants should definitely be proud of their history. On pictures I’ve captured Sainte-Croix Cathedral. I was really impressed with it’s architecture.

Early Urban Spring

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Every morning I wake up and see the sun shining outside. I can’t describe how happy I am – it’s finally Spring! Though the snow still covers the streets and

winter green


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Lucky me – managed to take pictures for several posts before the heavy snowfall began. Anyway, as soon as I pluck up my spirit, you will definitely see the set of my snowy