Ain’t No Summer

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Ain’t no summer for all Estonian citizens this year. This could be the coldest summer season ever. I hardly could reach the beach as it was so cool and windy

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It’s Tea Time!

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Without an appropriate attire successfully integrate into some events is unlikely. I mean such social activities like polo games, racing festivals & tea parties. Remember that scene from “Pretty Woman”

Paisley Blue

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Some things may be kept simple yet very chic. I’m talking about this paisley printed shirt that features the most hottest trend of 70s. To be frank, this isn’t the

Lace & Florals

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Wrap a simple lace cardigan over your summer dress for a boho look with a chic twist. From hippie festivals to classy styles, this gorgeous crochet waistcoat keeps you staying

floral vibes

Floral Vibes

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Everybody loves flowers, do we?! I adore the femininity of floral patterns on clothes. This cute summery look has been achieved by mixing denim with floral printed shirt. High waisted

Stripes & Dots

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One of the hottest trends in fashion is to mix the patterns. A cocktail of prints and patterns opens a lot of possibilities for creating different looks. Polka dot and

Sweet as a Peach

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My Yerevan street style proceeds. I did so many outfit pictures there, that the whole June I can post the vacation images only. Yaay! 😉 “Go for brights!” was the

terracota city yerevan cascade

Terracotta City

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Yerevan city has numerous art spaces. Cascade is one of them. This is a giant stairway that links the upper town with the downtown. Inside and outside the Cascade there

Khaki Floral Shades

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This fashion classic colour is a MUST in my wardrobe. I’m speaking about khaki colored clothes. Appearing in different styles, khaki pieces look both good in the entire outfit or