all-grey outfit


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Groutfit means all-gray outfit. I often choose monochrome outfits, especially, when it comes to various shades of grey. I don’t find this colour boring, on the contrary, monochrome outfits draw

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Grey City Life

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I can’t believe we’re halfway through the week already! I’ve just been so busy lately. I suppose all my Instagram and Facebook followers have noticed that. 😉 I keep telling

BlackWhite Asia

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The bohemian trend has gone full-on mainstream. And it’s been supplemented with graphic prints that seem to be the season’s favorite. I’ve got my oversize Kimono coat in monochrome geometric

Graphic Palette

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Monochrome prints are usually reserved for the colder months, however I adore black and white patterns during the summer. Matching these two bold colors is the easiest way to create

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Winter Graphics

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Sorry for not posting too long – I was quite busy, then sick… ((( And now it’s snowing outside what makes street style shoot very complicated. You know how I

Heart Stripe

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Black&white mania!!! Stripes have swallowed me up! Can’t do anything, but monochrome is my fav combination – defines the lines and frames! За последний сезон у меня наблюдается черно-белая мания!!!