Geneve lake Winter 2019

Winter in Geneve

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Haven’t seen winter in such a tranquility. And guess what? This was the last day of the year, 31 December. No fuss, no rush. We totally enjoyed the ending of

lindex skirt

Geometric Graphic

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From time to time my blog shows a certain amount of love for all kind of prints. Using black&white details, I’ve tried to bring the focus on this gorgeous graphic

lucine blogger

Grey City Life

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I can’t believe we’re halfway through the week already! I’ve just been so busy lately. I suppose all my Instagram and Facebook followers have noticed that. 😉 I keep telling

lilac outfit

Violet Bow

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Many women are intimidated with pastel colours, especially in the dress shape – how to wear, what accessories and shoes to match, etc… It is much more easier to work

black waggon paris dress

Let’s Rock!

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Edgy and classy are two opposite fashion styles. But when you add an edgy touch to your classy outfit, that really rocks your authentic style.  My new little black dress

Chanel A-Like Tweed

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I’m still adapting to a new life. I haven’t got much time to publish regular posts, but I’m doing that anyway. Chanel tweed jacket is on every fashionista’s wish list.

Make Love, Not War

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Oops, I’ve completely forgot to share with your this outfit (still 30/40). That was the day with Lindex/Seppäla event. We’ve managed to take some shots on our way home. Back

Spring Parka

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I know that my outfit-posts are getting rare each day, sorry for that. But starting from 1st of March my daily routine will change cardinally. Well, I really do hope

Vinyl Skirt

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Knee-lenght flared skirt is made of faux leather vinyl. When I’ve seen it first, I couldn’t resist buying this thing! Super trendy medium-length skirt is a big statement, especially for

Black Romper

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Summer in the city, and I’m in the office most of the time, yet trying to catch these hot days during the weekend – family, beach, food, drinks & everything nice…