Geneve lake Winter 2019

Winter in Geneve

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Haven’t seen winter in such a tranquility. And guess what? This was the last day of the year, 31 December. No fuss, no rush. We totally enjoyed the ending of

Purple hat

Purple Hat

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Remember my previous post about purple colour? After Pantone officially published their statement naming Ultraviolet this year’s top colour, I decided to start posting different outfits with purple details and

shark skin tone

Shark Skin

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Back to my favourite grey that “makes the outfit less colourful”! D’oh! It’s not getting dull or unpretty, on the contrary, the trendy Shark Skin Tone (according to Pantone Color

all-grey outfit


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Groutfit means all-gray outfit. I often choose monochrome outfits, especially, when it comes to various shades of grey. I don’t find this colour boring, on the contrary, monochrome outfits draw