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Poppy Fields of Love

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Can’t say I’m good at writing for last few months, that’s why all the posts became shorter and shorter. My current state of being is not that easy, but still

floral vibes

Floral Vibes

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Everybody loves flowers, do we?! I adore the femininity of floral patterns on clothes. This cute summery look has been achieved by mixing denim with floral printed shirt. High waisted

Flowery Digital

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Wether it’s Spring or not, this wonderful sunny weather and blooming city bring a smile to my face! Today I’ve found perfect series of collages that reflect my Spring mood.

Modern 50s

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Last week, I was so excited to participate in new blogger collaboration. What’s even better, I got to try different dress silhouettes created by Estonian designer Perit Muuga. The first



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Floral dress is a must-have of every women’s wardrobe. I would really suggest to have 2 or 3 of those printed dresses, and there are several reasons why: 1. floral