Green blazer look

Seefoam Green

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Every single season designers go for green – from forest to seafoam hues. Because there is such a variety of shades, the trend suits everyone’s personal style. If you have

dresses in bloom

Dresses in Bloom

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Florals for summer might not be the freshest of trends, but it’s a real challenge for brands and designers to create something new these days. A total floral look is

pj style copy

PJ Style

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Looking stylish while having a good night’s sleep? How about looking good and trendy in your pajamas outdoors? Pajama style is a two-year trend that I simply can’t get enough

Late florals

Cold November Florals

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Florals don’t always have to be romantic. Layers are a smart option to keep warm when wearing those pretty lily and rose prints. I would also suggest a darker palette

Greek vacation

Summer Blossom

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I always need florals in my closet – a definite essential for the summer season, though I wear it throughout the year. This airy patterned dress comes from the regular

floral outfit

Floral Sleep Gown

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Picture this: It’s a weekend morning, it’s gloomy outside, and you’re snuggled up in your favourite sleepwear. Isn’t it relaxing? Comfy PJs and robes aren’t just for the bedroom anymore.

Florals + ecco shoes

Warm Shades of Delayed Spring

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This season has been extremely strange – looking at the calendar, it’s the middle of May, but it’s still snowing! That’s why all of my pretty looks had to wait.

vivid milan

Bloomy Milan

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These pictures were taken on the first day of our Milan styling course. The weather was perfect – neither hot nor cool. From the very beginning, we were told to


Floral Sundress

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I can’t get enough of these off-the-shoulder silhouettes that keep trending in fall 2015.  Few years ago I brought a huge bag of different fabrics from my hometown Yerevan. My