Ecco Anine black pumps

Pink City Zurich

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I couldn’t imagine how beautiful is Zurich in Spring! Alleys of never-ending blooming trees in pink hues. Wow! I guess any outfit on this background would look nice. However, I wasn’t even

Florals + ecco shoes

Warm Shades of Delayed Spring

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This season has been extremely strange – looking at the calendar, it’s the middle of May, but it’s still snowing! That’s why all of my pretty looks had to wait.

ECOO Cool pink

COOL 2 Pink

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Aside from classy shoes, I’m pretty sure sneakers are a woman’s best friends. With seemingly endless options each season, it’s hard not to notice a brand new collection in a

all-grey outfit


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Groutfit means all-gray outfit. I often choose monochrome outfits, especially, when it comes to various shades of grey. I don’t find this colour boring, on the contrary, monochrome outfits draw