by Lucine

They say blondes have more fun? Well, I’ve decided to test that. And indeed, as soon as I dyed my hair platinum blonde, something inside of me changed. First thing that I proved – black is the worst color for blondes to wear. I tried to put as less as possible black items in my outfit, or at least compensate it with other neutral light shades. Second, I had to rearrange my whole wardrobe to look pretty with my new appeal. And that was a real challenge. Third, I wanted to self-prove that it doesn’t matter what hair color you’re wearing, it’s all about your approach and the way you do it.

H&M blazer, top, pants & boots; Inga Xavier round bag from HAY-HAY; Bershka sunglasses; Annieh Jewellery ring.

Collections f/w 2018-2019: Tom Ford; Emilia Wickstead; Isabel Marant