Media Coverage


by Lucine

Interview by FashionTalksCH, Joris and Magdalena:

“The right image can improve your life, and open up more opportunities. Soon we will all be free to leave our homes, go to work, and enjoy the sun. We will all want to step out the door looking and feeling good. Therefore, we asked a fashion guru about her secrets to unlock the next levelof style. Ready for a fashion hack? Join us and learn to navigate the ins and outs of fashion on the 8th of May at 7pm C.E.T. on Youtube with Lucine Ayanian!

Lucine is marketing and fashion expert. A true cosmopolite: basedin Switzerland (Zürich), she lived in Estonia, and was born in Armenia. Expert in marketing, PR and TV-host in the fashion show Creative. She is a wardrobe stylist, and has a fashion store: HAY-HAY. Her style diary is documented in Lucine’s Blog.”