by Lucine

Something of the ’70s is going around again—flared-trouser suits, bourgeois A-line midis and print blouses, poor-boy sweaters, stack-heeled knee-high boots. Victoria Beckham has had all those Saint Laurentisms embedded into her practice for a while, meaning she practices what she preaches.

Victoria Beckham’s pragmatic perfectionism gives her an eye for an edited wardrobe, sparked up by unusual color combinations—that’s the nub of her brand these days. Her pre-fall is a continuation of her day-to-evening demo of what to wear with what, with a grown-up lifestyle, work patterns, occasions, and climate factored in.

The knack here is Beckham’s instinct for cutting a fine line between usefulness and glamour. In a time when flattering tailoring is still hard to come by, she has the fit of a high-waist pant and neatly proportioned jacket sorted out, a cut which applies across jumbo-cords and three-piece pinstripes, through to the black evening suit.

The virtue of her look book is that it also does the work of breaking the pieces down into separates. It’s more or less the basis of which all women in the ’70s and ’80s bought and switched around their clothes, making the judgment about adding new things according to whether they worked with the rest—and that’s a handy reverb to tune back into today.