by Lucine

Sculptures and works on paper from the Hubert Looser Collection.

The exhibition explores the play of lines and textures on the blank surface of the drawing paper and so brings us closer to the sculptures’ presence in space.

After a 2013 exhibition of the Hubert Looser Collection centred around the large-format paintings and sculptures, this second presentation focuses on the dialogue between the extensive holdings of works on paper and sculptures that coordinate with them.

The exhibition 110 works of Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Nouveau Réalisme, Pop Art and Minimal Art, Arte Povera and more; the artists include David Smith, Serge Brignoni, Pablo Picasso, Yves Klein, Willem de Kooning, Anthony Caro, Richard Serra, Brice Marden, Sean Scully and Giuseppe Penone.

The Hubert Looser Collection fits perfectly into the broad coverage of major strands in modern European and American art that the Kunsthaus seeks to achieve. A cooperation that was renewed in 2018 guarantees that 75 paintings, sculptures, installations and drawings will remain for 20 years in the Kunsthaus extension, which is scheduled for completion in 2020. The current temporary presentation, which was previously shown in Krems, offers an inspiring foretaste of the coming encounters between this private collection and the public collection of the Kunsthaus.

Curator: Philippe Büttner