by Lucine

Wine red (or red wine can also work same well)) is one of my favourite hues. This deep tone works well with a range of colors and adds some sophistication to the whole outfit.

As Spring is approaching (it’s still freezing cold in Estonia), I’ve matched burgundy with main white color that gave a needed bright contrast. White pants and white tee lighted up this intensive reddish color.

The picture was taken during Tallinn Fashion Week. So I’ve decided to highlight my outfit with some designer pieces like SHUSHAN top from HAY-HAY and Tanel Veenre berries (earrings). I think these small details made the look stand out.

Shushan top; H&M pants; Sam Edelman boots; Zara bag; TV Jewellery earrings.

Collections S/S 2018: Off-White, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Stella McCartney