by Lucine

Winter in Estonia is the perfect time to wrap up warm and go for a walk. You can go on a guided walk in the Old Town or go your own way. But you definitely have to visit Tallinn in the Christmas period to enjoy some of our most beautiful places.Christmas is a time when families come together, and walking is a great way to entertain everyone in the great outdoors.

Having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences people can have, but having two or more kids can bring many challenges.

Enjoying a walk with our boys is a great way to get out of the house, but very stressful at the same time. Sure it’s nice to restore the physical fitness and energize the mood, but all those preparations and packings are too exhausting. That’s why you need a compact and light stroller to ease all your pushing efforts.

We are super happy with our Phil&Teds Mod stroller that fits into the urban spaces perfectly. Stylish and slim, it transform from the compact flat form for the baby to a full toddlers seat. Stroller looks very stylish, and it’s easy to manoeuvre it. Can’t wait to try all those modules the stroller offers!