by Lucine

Anotnius Fashion Show is another great event in Estonia that brings together designers, fashion creators and artists. The main spot is located in Tartu city – Antonius Courtyard. For the 5th time organisers arrange a theatrical performance telling a story about good taste, quality and competitiveness of Estonia and Latvian design. And for sure, most of the collections were pretty wearable!

ALTON, colleciton ARENA

„ARENA“ is ALTON’s first unisex collection. Olympic Games, mighty competition arenas and spectator grandstands rising to heights played a great role while designing this set of bags. Tough and hard wearing textile is definitely in the center focus in this collection. Never the less I couldn’t get pass of the beauty and luxury of natural leather.

Black Bag (Latvia) SS17 Collection

Black Bag starts the spring summer season with a question whether to give in to a summer fling or to stay faithful to black.
But this season Black Bag takes a sidestep with a limited edition collection of small shoulder bags in colours of natural linen, cloud grey and corral pink. At the same time questioning wether to stay faithful to black with a mini box bag made of genuine leather.

Kadi Veesaar, SuhkruKeerd

“SugarTwist” is a colorful collection with an elegant touch which brings the joy of colors to Your everyday, or sweetens up Your special events! But do not forget – not every sugar twist is meant for eating.

SLOW, SS17 collection by Elīna Štobe

Women’s luxury SPA and beachwear brand SLOW – Live in the moment, savour the summer throughout the four seasons.

ARRO & XAOS, Palavik/ Fever

Fever is a collaborational collection, where two at first glance opposite sides – light minimalistic fashion and powerful fetish-inspired leather-accessories unite.
They are showcasing line of sets where, cool light fabric combined with strong sturdy leather and cold metal, are both for it´s wearers pleasure – to fondle the body and suprise the mind.


The moment You realise that world is spinning around You is the moment You stay still and get mesmerised by the colours, movement, people, flashing city lights and blurred sky above it. This same moment rain that comes and washes this feeling away is becoming almost radiant. The most powerful tool of being alive is lying in You. And You are just a part of the game. Go and play it!

KUUL Design (Raine Toss), Urban Nature

The Urban Nature collection is inspired by the idea of bringing nature into the city scene and finding the contrast between nature and urban living. Using photos of a beautiful Estonian forest, we’ve created a neutral look with unique patterns and comfortable midi and cropped length casual attire.

Evija Šaitere – “404”

Evija Šaitere’s signature are monochrome structures combined with projections of disturbing anomaly related processes of today

Raili Nõlvak, collection F/W 2017/18

Designer creates sophisticated, yet functional everyday garments for women. Clothing modelled by hand, with strong focus on selfdesigned details. Raili Nolvak continues to strike balance between commercial and conceptual, classic and avant-garde. The concept is to unite diverse influences in order to create a collection that is complex but balanced.

Liis Barbara Boode (’relax baby be cool’), The empire state of mind

Luxury couture fashion, handmade from exotic cotton and created with cool air, great attention to detail and passion. A collaboration between a generation of textile workers, passionate visionaries and invaluable.
Uniting countries, cultures and great minds.

KATI STIMMER, Leading light

Occasion wear collection “Leading Light” is inspired by nordic summer and consists of effortless elegance and surprising details. Fresh blue and subtle pink hues are complimented by modern hand embroidery which is a combination of traditional materials and custom made plexiglass elements.

Kaari Reimand (Story of Afterlife), Exposé

The collection is about the connection. How a woman is connected to the clothes. How the clothes are like the burden between intimacy and the outer world. We wanted to know what makes the walls to fall. What gives women the feeling of fragility, sensuality or braveness. How clothes can create this special allure.

KERTU LEPASAAR (2NJORTH), collection F/W 2017/18

The collection is inspired by the mystic culture and mythology of the Vikings and made of natural materials like woolen fabric, leather and fur (omitting farmed fur). Runes from Nordic mythology are burned on the leather, making the items unique.


Fresh and clean minimalist design combined with natural and warm lamb wool. All of the Hertta coats have been created from scratch by the master herself – starting with knitting the fabric up to the very last finishing touches.

LAYK (Karolina Lehtma & Liisi-Ly Viitkin), I’m Only Happy When it Rains

Unisex collection of jackets and coats made of organic cotton+latex and cotton+beeswax inspired by Estonian national folk costumes.

Baiba Ladiga – conceptual fashion design Kobayashi (Latvia), SS17 Collection

Baiba Ladiga is a conceptual designer based in Riga, Latvia. She studied at Art Academy Of Latvia and graduated in 2004. For the past five years she worked as fashion design lecturer in Shanghai as well did freelance design, styling and illustration projects.