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The Swedish athletes will be dressed once more by H&M. H&M not only provides the clothing for the opening and closing ceremonies, but also for training and leisure time in the Olympic village.

Great Britain

Stella McCartney X Adidas presents the outfits of the British Olympic Team. It is also not Stella McCartney’s first time round designing an Olympic outfit.

United States

Polo Ralph Lauren designs the uniforms for the US Olympic and Paralympic team. The American fashion designer Ralph Lauren presented the US team’s outfits in the national American colors navy, red and white. The outfits will be worn during the closing ceremony of the Games.


Team France will present itself in clean sportswear and matching shoes from Lacoste. The characteristic pique polo shirts will not be missing from this collection. The idea was to do something chic that is representative of the Lacoste spirit, founded by [tennis legend] René Lacoste — so very clean cut and very precise.


Sports brand Asics showcased the new outfits for the competing Dutch Olympic athletes. The clothing range was designed for the Dutch Olympic and Paralympic Team. The Olympic collection is a mix of recognizable ‘Rio elements and the DNA of Asics’ said the sports brand


Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten who helm the label Dsquared2 design the opening ceremony outfit. The ensemble is a formal take on athletic wear, using a red, white and black palette, showcasing iconic national symbols.


Estonian athletes will represent their country in classic nautical sportswear. Local brand Monton has previously designed the uniforms for the Estonian Olympic teams. The blue, black and white nautical-themed collection has been influenced by the Baltic nation’s connection to the sea.


Australian designers opted for blazers, with the added twist of a lining that features the names of past gold medalists. Uniform was created by Sportscracft.

South Korea

The most distinctive part of South Korean sport attire – it has infused its new Olympic wear with insect repellant to reduce the threat of infection.


Russia paraded its gear out for the media, showcasing a retro-cheerleader look inspired with Russian avant-garde artists, like Malevich, Kandinsky, etc. The usual country label is also changed from latin letters to cyrillic. The uniform was designed by BOSCO company.


German athletes will have their new outfits from Adidas and Sioux. This year’s design is more muted than the colorful winter uniforms of 2014, but the black, silver and white make a statement nonetheless. The uniforms are made with the most advanced clothing technology available, including moisture wicking fabric and shoes that use the patented Adidas Boost Technology.


The Spanish Olympic Committee and sportswear firm JOMA presented clothing for Spanish Olympic team at the Games in Rio 2016. This collection consists of uniformity Parade, Olympic Village and Podium. The designs are 100% españoles. For its development they have involved more than 20 people who make up the design team, marketing and brand communication.



Giorgio Armani continues to dress Italian team for Olympic and Paralympic Games. To provide maximum comfort and mobility, Armani incorporates the innovative C-Cube (Carbon Cushion Control) technology in each garment. Also, some shirts have the words ‘Fratelli d’Italia’ (Brothers of Italy).


Christian Louboutin teams up with Sporty Henri for Team Cuba’s Olympic closing ceremony outfits. Each outfit is centered around a sharp military jacket in red or khaki, with the female athletes in patriotic kitten heels and the sportsmen in cool sneakers.


Team China showed its uniform for the upcoming Rio Olympic Games, featuring a patriotic palette of red and yellow, created by Chinese fashion designer Masha Ma.


The host nation is playing on its reputation for energy and love of life, with a team outfit based on the national flag’s upbeat palette of green and yellow. There are tropical patterns, a clear reference to one of the country’s greatest assets – its rainforests.

New Zealand

New Zealand will wear black, silver, green and blue at the Rio Olympics. Designed by Shane Hansen, the New Zealand uniforms are described as “basic” and ill-fitting garments.


Kyiv presented the uniforms to be worn by the Ukrainian national team at the 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The sports clothing was designed by well-known Ukrainian fashion designer Andre Tan.


Georgian uniform was designed in collaboration with Japanese sportswear company Mizuno and company Samoseli Pirveli. Traditional clothing company Samoseli Pirveli created attire that resembles much more folk costumes.


Terre Bleue and Ambiorix produced the clothing for formal occasions for Belgium team, while Jako and Skechers created the attire which will be worn by the teams at the Olympic and Paralympic Villages and when travelling. Fedustria, who represent the companies of the textile, woodworking and furniture industry in the country, provided the fabrics to Terre Bleue. The American luggage manufacturer Samsonite are creating the suitcases for the delegation.


Clothes of Latvia’s Olympic team of athletes and their support personnel were manufactured by a team of high-class art designers. In addition to the use of modern-age technologies in making the clothes, designers also manufactured different accessories: sunglasses, hats, bags, backpacks and shoes.



Local fashion house Castro came up with Israeli clothes for the Games, playing on shades of the national flag.



Information source: BBC, Forbes, NewsDaily, Getty images and others