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We live in a world where to many unfavorable factors make us more than often feel as if we were living in a place which is mainly dominated by hatred, violence, discrimination and inequality. Devastating political conflicts that make us hate and kill each other or unexpected pandemics leaving us no other choice but to get used to a thing called social distancing are just two of many real life examples that, even though maybe having a highly unequal amount of influence to human suffering, still have one thing in common. They make us disconnect and eventually lose what makes us humans.

It’s time to remind us once again what the strongest, most important thing in life is and what builds the very foundation to conquer human suffering and all the negativity in the world.

Love and connection to others, to nature and to ourselves.

Text by Carlos Cordero-Rosales

It’s time to RE-CONNECT

The idea is to shoot an editorial that combines fashion and beauty within a story of two models, expressing possible phases, steps of human connection and their complexion:

1. Curiosity (perception of novelty)
2. Acceptance (understanding equality despite differences)
3. Approximation (getting closer to get a first touch)
4. Merging (a dance of affiliation)
5. Unity (Together we’re more: resilience, strength, solving problems) 6. Love (romance or joy of sharing moments, strong intimacy)

Key question: What makes human connection possible, how does it develop and why is it so utterly important?


(perception of novelty)

Maya Seyferth suit; Anastasia Bull dress


(understanding equality despite differences)

Alev Güngör blazer; Maya Seyferth suit; Johanesly Ames body


(getting closer to get a first touch)

Alev Güngör vest and shorts; Anastasia Bull top and headpieces; BA SI coat dress


(a dance of affiliation)

Alev Güngör suit; BA SI dress


(romance or joy of sharing moments, strong intimacy)

Nana Gotti orange set; Anastasia Bull head accessories; Nana Gotti floral cape


Nana Gotti outfits

Models: Milena Maura Duany Coello & Donna Zed  @essa_moreena & @donnazed
Agency: Square Model Agency @square_models_agency
Styling: Luciné Ayanian @lucine_a
Make-Up: Greta Taroziene
Hair: Larissa Ott  @blushblond_
Assistance: Angélica De Oliveira Cousiño  @angelicacousino
Idea, photography & Retouch: Carlos Cordero-Rosales @kurler

In collaboration with Fujifilm Switzerland (article published), and some shots were featured in @photovogue 💘



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