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Last Monday, I had a great chance to be introduced to Swiss fashion by attending the most spectacular show in Zurich – Mode Suisse. The event took place in Museum für Gestaltung (need to come back there one day), and featured 10 small fashion shows with the showroom presentation. Btw, having a place where designers can expose their best outfits and talk to people, get the feedback after the show was a great idea! Below you’ll find my personal pictures taken during the catwalk, and a small description to every brand presented there.

Vanessa Schindler
Vanessa Schindler is a fashion designer based in Switzerland. Winner of the HEAD Master Mercedes-Benz Prize, she showed her latest collection wherein diaphanous layers of fabric were edged with rubbery urethrane, usually used as a means to join materials together, giving garments the movement of exotically coloured underwater creatures.

Mode Suisse Edition 14 4Mode Suisse Edition 14 1a Mode Suisse Edition 14 3Mode Suisse Edition 14 5a

Julia Heuer
Julia Heuer is a brand that is best known for dynamic prints and artisanal, handmade plissé. During her tenure she created unique prints for various fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Comme des Garcons, Calvin Klein and others. Most recently, Heuer was awarded the prestigious Swiss Design Prize in 2016 for her collection Adobe Indigo.Mode Suisse Edition 14 10Mode Suisse Edition 14 7aMode Suisse Edition 14 9

Jaqueline Loekito
Jaqueline Loekito label was founded in 2012 after she graduated from University for the Creative Arts, London. Focusing on genderless clothing – sharing clothing from one wardrobe between men and women is her main vision. Red and pink is the main two colour of her collection as she wanted to popularised these colours for both gender. After finishing her Master at the Institute Fashion Design FHNW HGK, she decided to continue working and living in Basel. She has a passion to make Switzerland more colourful and daring.Mode Suisse Edition 14 11 Mode Suisse Edition 14 14aMode Suisse Edition 14 12Mode Suisse Edition 14 16a Mode Suisse Edition 14 15

Mourjjan explores the essence of femininity: a delicate balance between strong and gentle, fierce and compassionate. Effortless style and luxuriously printed fabrics, bring you into the world of the unexpected, where old meets new, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
SS19 “Deep Sea: Fall into the unknown” From movement to magnetic fields, sounds to invisibility, away from known reality, surrender yourself into the unfamiliarity of a new dimension, feel the freedom to dream, flow & create. Mode Suisse Edition 14 19aMode Suisse Edition 14 21a Mode Suisse Edition 14 22a

Julia Seemann
Graduated in February 2014 at the Institute Of Fashion Design, Academy Of Art And Design Basel, Seemann channeled ’80s and ’90s Swiss counter-culture. Joining workwear, streetwear and a ’90s punk edge with snakeskin fabrics, Seemann harnessed the unrivaled strength of the mythological femme-monster, and gave it the kind of effortlessness you find in an oversize windbreaker.Mode Suisse Edition 14 25Mode Suisse Edition 14 27a Mode Suisse Edition 14 24 Mode Suisse Edition 14 26

HEAD Genève
Adeline Rappaz, Miguel M. Salvador
Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève) was formed in 2006 from the merger of two art schools, the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts and the Haute école d’arts appliqués, both over two hundred years old.
Adeline Rappaz graduated sewing school in 2010 and acquired a solid foundation of clothing techniques, which became an essential for a designer in order to better understand the clothes and thus better to deconstruct them.
The first collection ​Remembering a feeling I am about to have” by fashion designer Mendes Salvador Miguel Filipe is about to find its origin in the encounter of a surprised sensation and a re-imagined heritage.
Mode Suisse Edition 14 35aMode Suisse Edition 14 30Mode Suisse Edition 14 32aMode Suisse Edition 14 33a


SOL SOL ITO is the eyewear brand for the cosmopolitan connoisseur. As hip in Tokyo as in Zurich, they specialize in exclusive small series. SOL SOL ITO continues the tradition of premium Swiss understatement: unsurpassed craftmanship, exquisite high-gloss acetate, exchangeable spring-steel arms available in various colours.
WEER elevates basic clothing for men and women, underlining the appeal of simple shapes while only using high-quality fabrics.
Mode Suisse Weer 2Mode Suisse Weer 1 Mode Suisse Weer 6

Nina Yuun
The label NINA YUUN explores a new way of design by seeking alternative forms of expressing feminity in fashion. NINA YUUN designs have a strong focus on experimental patterns conveying messages like relaxed, avant-garde, unexpected, elegant, and casual formality.

Mode Suisse Nina Yuun 5aMode Suisse Nina Yuun 2 Mode Suisse Nina Yuun 4a

Institut Mode -Design, FHNW in Basel
Janine Reitmann, Laura Müller, Jana Colic, Stefanie Herbstrith, Lisa Preissle
FHNW Academy of Art and Design, an institution that combines practice-oriented training with forward-looking research and open-mindedness in all respects.
In keeping with the leitmotif *Doing Fashion, the Bachelor programme Fashion Design lives and reflects on the practice of design and contemporary everyday culture. The key objective of Doing Fashion is to create alternative spaces in the field of fashion design and to break away from conventional fashion concepts.
Mode Suisse Basel Institute 3 Mode Suisse Basel Institute 2a Mode Suisse Basel Institute 4

In 2013, YVY was founded in Zurich, Switzerland creating seasonal-independent designs where traditional craftsmanship meets innovation. Current YVY’s BRUT collection was a collaboration with Swarovski.
Mode suisse YVY 1a Mode suisse YVY 3a

COLLECTIVE SWALLOW. Showroom presentation
Mode Suisse 1 Mode Suisse 3a Mode Suisse 7 Mode Suisse 5 Mode Suisse 6Mode Suisse 17aMode Suisse 14a Mode Suisse 8 Mode Suisse 9Mode Suisse 12aMode Suisse 16Mode Suisse 10a



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