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We’ve waited long enough for spring to finally come. Everybody is hoping for higher temperatures, but in Northern Europe it takes too long to be able to fully enjoy sunny days. Though it’s still cold outside, our hopes for warmer days rise every single morning.

I have a tip how to avoid winter depression being tired of dull weather – get yourself something bright, warm, and, preferably, in gold-yellowish tones. I’ve switched my wardrobe to sunny shades and couldn’t be happier. It really works and improves your mood!

PANDORA Shine™   

Another thing to do – borrow some inspiration from sunshine. Just imagine: the golden glow of early mornings, endless sun-dappled days, bees buzzing, and spring in full bloom. Pretty, huh? Create your own unique golden style with the new PANDORA Shine™ collection. I’ve recently got myself my Rays of Sunshine Pendant in 18K gold-plated sterling silver. Its vintage aesthetics perfectly matches a suede jacket and a yellow tunic. Amazing how I captured these shots in the golden hues of the sun to highlight every side of the captivating sun-inspired look. Hurry the warm days up, feel radiant, and shine bright. Pandora will help you with that! 😉

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