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a675a286c992a418_orgInspired by unique artwork, Lindex is now launching “Art Meets Fashion”, a fun, inspirational and expressive fashion collection by women, for women — and for all those who want to pay tribute to women.


The collection is based on contemporary art created by eight young artists on behalf of Lindex. Using their individual tools and methods of expression, each artist created one original artwork on the theme of celebrating women. Inspired by this unique artwork, the Lindex design team interpreted the pieces and used them as an interesting starting point from which to launch their design process.

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“Art Meets Fashion” is a collection of clothes, accessories and swimwear. The collection comprises 12 pieces and includes a raw-edged denim jacket, a silk kimono, a tote bag in bonded vegan leather and retro swimwear with scalloped edges. All products in the collection are clearly linked to the original artwork, either purely in terms of appearance, in their message, or both. Through “Art meets Fashion”, Lindex wants to create wearable garments for women who wish to affirm themselves and their personality through expressive fashion.

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The art purchased by Lindex has been sold at an exclusive vernissage. The money will be donated to HERproject, a collaborative initiative that strives to empower women who earn a low income salary working in global supply chains.

The unique collection “Art Meets Fashion” will be available in selected stores and at as of 8 March 2018.

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