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Голос Армении Interview

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ЛУСИНЕ АЯНЯН (А ИМЕННО ТАК ЗОВУТ МОЮ НОВУЮ ЗНАКОМУЮ) ЖИВЕТ В ТАЛЛИНЕ. Лусине училась в Таллинской гуманитарной гимназии, потом в Рижской высшей школе экономики, Таллинской школе дизайна и искусства (курс

Urban Boho

Exotic Vibes in Town

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As long as there’s a cold breeze outside, there will also be a jacket and boots in any wardrobe during Estonian summer. Of you’re planning to visit Nordic or Scandinavian

HAYHAY Tallinn popup

HAY-HAY Tallinn Media Pop-up

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There are few reasons why my blogging isn’t that active comparing to previous years. First reason is pregnancy that affects my wellbeing (temporally); the second – HAY-HAY project I’ve been doing since summer 2016.

kat disain summer 2017

KÄT Summer 2017

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On June 15, a talented Estonian designer Kätlin Kikkas/KÄT presented her exclusive summer collection. The collection itself is quite small, but the variety of garments is pretty wide. All the

Flossy shoe family

Like Mother Like Son

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I love it when our family dresses the same way, especially the kid. Arman is actually good at posing, but it’s too hard to ask him to stand still even

white coat black dress

Casual Black & White

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If you’re looking for comfy sportswear, choose Converse that isn’t going out of style any time soon. Last year, I published a blog post on how to match Converse with



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I’m so late with this post, but anyway. The Faculty of Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts held another cool accessory exhibition KÄEATLAS/HAND ATLAS (available at Tali Design Store

denim outfit

Never Tired of Navy

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Today, there’s no need to wear dresses or skirts to stay feminine. Fashionable jeans continue the evolution of trends, from torn edges to glam textures. Since last year, patches have