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Lucine Ayanian. Baltika Group 2217
Wearing Lindex SS17 Asian styled dress. Captured my Maksim Toome

Last Tuesday, Estonia’s biggest clothing retailer Baltika Group arranged a flower party called Flower x Fashion, showing new SS17 collections of their brands – Monton, Bastion, Baltman, Mosaic, and Ivo Nikkolo. Here are my favourite looks from the show:


Two separate lines of one brand – minimalistic with a touch of Island and Cuba-inspired vibrant line. So different, isn’t it? But perfectly suits both an office worker and a party animal.
Baltika SS17 1Baltika SS17 5 Baltika SS17 3Baltika SS17 4 Baltika SS17 8 Baltika SS17 6Baltika SS17 15 Baltika SS17 7 Baltika SS17 13 Baltika SS17 14


Some may think this men’s brand is too conservative. But trust me, it’s nearly impossible to invent a new vision of a modern men’s suit, especially, on a yearly basis. Love the style match of those pieces and the juicy details of each outfit!
Baltika SS17 17 Baltika SS17 19 Baltika SS17 18 Baltika SS17 20


My favourite Estonian brand Ivo Nikkolo invited blogger Aljona Eesmaa to style their collection… and they got the perfect result – pure and laconic, showing off the beautiful silhouettes, modern colour combos, and flowing fabrics.
Baltika SS17 21 Baltika SS17 24 Baltika SS17 22 Baltika SS17 25 Baltika SS17 23 Baltika SS17 26 Baltika SS17 27 Baltika SS17 28



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