Grey Shein collar shirt

Wednesday Addams Collar

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Wednesday Addams had a little white collar on her dress that made her look so chic! But originally, this form of flat collar is called The Peter Pan. Sounds even

Mustard bomber

Potter’s Clay

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Every season, there’s a new trendy shade that pops up in every fashionista’s wardrobe. According to Pantone Color Institute, Potter’s Clay features elements of brown and orange that can easily

Mademoiselle Stockman Dinner

Mademoiselle Cafe

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If you’re still wondering where to eat some tasty food, order a stunning take-away cake, or even leave a kid to play for an hour, here’s the answer – Mademoiselle cafe in

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Artful Bags

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Inspired by the latest Prada Fall 2017 Menswear Show, I thought I should write a post how art influences modern fashion. Nowadays, art has a wider meaning and ranges from


Lindex SS 2017

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Yesterday, Lindex presented their new SS 2017 collection – a wonderful mix of Scandinavian design with a bit of Asian/African influence. Love the vivid colours and the graphic prints that



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There is often calm before the storm, or rather, in between the storms, when a new year is about to start. I know the feeling of having to get ready


Tibi. PRE-FALL 2017

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If someone asks me how I used to feel working at the office, I would definitely say “uncomfortable”. These pictures perfectly describe my attitude towards bureau work, which I had