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11949439_588090771331912_5633003598241444840_nLast week on Facebook I’ve found a girl from Yerevan that impressed me so much. Sonya Avagyan is a young designer that launched her own brand AVAGYAN. From the very beginning she focused only on T-shirts. Then she made her first big collection and named it “Pink Bubble”. She somehow focused on different forms of a chewing gum bubble. Clothes became so pinkish, sporty and funky. I loved the idea how she styled them in her mini-lookbook. (look below).

The second collection “Urban Yerevan” was dedicated to my hometown. Tees and sweatshirts have a distinctive print that resemble a pink tuff – the main stone that had been used in the city architecture. I should admit that the video turned out to be amazing. Applause to videographer Haki Margaryan who made it brilliant (btw, this guy made our Armenian wedding as well). This casual video with the scenes of Old Yerevan became a nostalgic throwback to our childhood. And indeed, people who live away from their hometown will much appreciate this idea.

I would personally wish Sonya good luck in her great beginning. This is so cool that there are young guys who feel the colour and form, know what’s trendy and have a perfect sense of style. I’m sure these bright heads can create a better future for the country, I wish they could have more opportunities for that.



Urban Yerevan
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