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Me, Kristjaana, Helene, Anna Elisabeth, Aljona, Mari-Liis, Liina, Britta

Finally, I’m publishing behind the scenes images from our huge project called “#Bloggersmarket“.
In continuation of our previous event held in November, this time the market itself will be accompanied by the launch of our website. Can’t wait! The concept of our team (gang of 8 influential Estonian bloggers) is to support each other, share the ideas, create high quality content and participate in different projects. 
As for now, we’re totally involved in organising a new #bloggermarket for our readers and friends. That would become another massive cleaning of our wardrobes – clothes, shoes, accessories. The prices range from 2 to 20 eur. Sounds good, huh?
Another great thing – presents for the first 50 visitors! Each will receive a pack filled with different gifts from our sponsors: Dove, Plum D’Or, Batiste, Moxie, Shokobox, Cosmeticsale.eu, Froosh. 
I hope to see you on 16 May @ Rotermani Center, Tallinn. For further information and details, see our FB page.
Ура! Я добралась до фотографий с нашей групповой съемки лоя 



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