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Job becomes a job with real responsibilities, even if you’re a fashion blogger. It’s has been a life changing experience for me during last 5 years. Of course, there are tones of benefits and opportunities, it’s fun and interesting, but the reality is that blogging is not as easy as it seams. 
In this post I would like to highlight some fashion, design and art activities that happened this month. 
PS. That’s only the half of the events I’v managed to attend. 
Работа, какая она ни была, всегда несет за собой множество различных задач и обязательств. Это касается и ведения блога, как бы странно это не звучало. Моя жизнь действительно сильно изменилась за последние 5 лет, с того момента как я стала вести свой блог. Безусловно, помимо всех предложенных возможностей и бонусов, интересных проектов и веселых мероприятий, быть блоггером сложно. Нужно каждый день посвящать себя этому занятию, изучать, придумывать, анонсировать, анализировать и т.д. Но самое важное, чтобы все эти энергозатратные занятия обязательно тебе нравились! Иначе ничего не получится.
В этой публикации я поделюсь некоторыми мероприятиями, которые проходили у нас в Таллинне. Все они связаны с модой, дизайном или искусством. Какие то и вовсем проходили в один день, один за другим. И поверьте, на половину приглашений я ответила отказом – просто не хватает времени бывать везде! 
Russian agency HELLO BLOGGER arrange a two-days workshop for bloggers and advertisers. 
Brands learned how to collaborate with bloggers, while bloggers learned how to promote their pages. Useful enough! 
Estonian Bloggers Meeting
This meeting was organised by PR agency JLP that analysed Estonian bloggers market. It was interesting to know some figures and facts, to compare them with your personal blog. The event took place in the charming showroom of designer Lilli Jahilo (one of the best designers here in Estonia, IMHO).

Denim Dream. Collection Premiere.

Denim Dream is a store that sells trendy casual clothes of different brands (Guess, Calvin Klein, Lee Cooper, Diesel, etc). Recently, they’ve launched their first personal collection under the name Denim Dream. I was invited to attend their first fashion show. As the event took place in the shopping mall, I couldn’t take any images there, cause it was overcrowded. That’s why all the images are borrowed from press.

Cider Art by Saku
For you to know – Saku is the local Brewery. So can you imagine, how surprised I was to receive an invitation with a couple of cider bottles of “Cloudy Apple” and “Honeyed Pear”. 😉 The thing is that Saku developed new ciders according to a unique recipe (no sugar, gluten and preservatives). They brought the art of cider making to a new level. Because of that fact, there was held an art exhibition of 10 local artist inspired by apple, pear and of course the cider itself.

#SuperRoleModel by Lindex
There’s a fresh collection that’s arrives to Lindex store this week named Super Role Model. It’s casual, chic and slightly exotic. The collection was presented by the superrolemodels Christy Turlington-Burns, Liya Kebede and Toni Garrn. The profit from the sold tees will go to charity work. In general, the idea and the concept of this collection is just great! See it HERE

Buduaar Turg, Spring 2015
There’s a huge fashion market that is held twice a year here in Tallinn. Some people come to sell their stuff, designers to show their latest collections, guests to find some interesting clothes and accessories for a good price. Once I’ve participated it this market in 2013 year. This time I came across as a visitor, and met a lot of friends there – charming bloggers Liina and Anna Elisabeth, blogger-pal from the last season Valeria, work-collegues Irina and Elena with their lovely head accessories, designers Iris Janvier, Julia Läheb and many many others…. PS. Just see the last picture how overcrowded it was!



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