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Sporty Look
When it comes to truly comfort and style, trainers are the new flat pumps. Now the sneakers have undergone a great evolution from the street wear to Couture.

I would agree that trainers have always been stereotypicaly focused on sport. Even I wore it only for sport classes. But the time has changed and these comfy shoes are not just only worn by the athletes. First, Isabel Marant introduced her sneaker wedges in 2010 and it became an invasion. It was the  “must-have” pair of shoes for everyone.
Isabel Marant sneakers

Then Raf Simons started his collaboration Adidas.
 Raf Simons started his collaboration Adidas

And Missioni with Converse.
Missioni for Converse.

Latest was Riccardo Tisci with his recent collaboration with Nike, where he reworked the style of 80ies. Riccardo Tisci for Nike

But then Couture Week has broken all the stereotypes. Karl Lagerfield showed his version of sport shoes at Chanel couture with lots of crystals and florals. Of course, these shoes are available only as a part of entire couture look, not separately. But I think next seasons these trainers will be available  for the mass-market as well.
Then Raf Simons introduced another version of trainers in Christian Dior couture. It was way more elegant and resembled a sneaker-water shoe hybrid – perfect for resort.

So the current question is – if sport is everywhere in fashion, why not take this trend and step a little comfort into the wardrobe? 
I’m sure you all know that New Balance trainers are currently the most buying sport shoes worldwide. I’ve got mine recently, even two pairs. I was really surprised to know that they actually extend the sporting activity as well as looking stylish during the day. So I’m withing that trend and think that nice trainers can be paired with everything from dresses to tweed pants. Browse some inspiration from the catwalk and streestyle looks, and stay in trend! 😉

spring 2013 Tommy Hilfigerspring 2013 Moschino Cheap And Chic

spring 2013 Tommy Hilfiger, spring 2013 Moschino Cheap And Chic

fall 2014 DKNYspring 2014 Celine

fall 2014 DKNY, spring 2014 Celine

spring 2014 DKNYspring 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs

spring 2014 DKNY, spring 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs

spring 2014 Marc Jacobsspring 2010 Lacoste

spring 2014 Marc Jacobs, spring 2010 Lacoste


Photographed by Phil Oh 



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