What to wear on a night out?

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The age old question of what to wear should be taken seriously. When one fails to dress appropriately for a specific setting it can result in social uneasiness and affect the way in which others perceive you.

When visiting a casino in the evening, these results can further affect your confidence which may lead to disastrous results at the casino table. 

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Most casinos today have adopted a smart casual dress code for evenings in the casino. The name itself is a combination of smart and casual dress. This combines the look of smart clothing with the comfort of more casual clothing. People who wear this style look like they went to some effort in dressing for the casino but not overdoing it by any means. For men, this look is neat.

The best bet is to select a shirt with a collar. Ideal tops would be oxford or polo shirts. Sweaters can also be an option but they should be of good quality. A cashmere sweater always sets the right tone for men. Pants should be neat without fraying hems. Ideal choices include chinos or corduroys. A blazer can further add to the look. While it may not be require in the casino, it may be necessary if planning on dining while out for the evening.
Smart casual clothing for women could include a blouse that is paired with a sweater or cardigan. Also, a coordinated set of a dress and cardigan would be another preferred piece of smart casual clothing. Pants should be dressy.

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 Skirts may also be worn so as long as the length is sufficient. To the knee or lower would be recommended. Smart jeans can be chosen so long as the top paired with them is somewhat dressy to balance out the jeans. As with men, a blazer is also a good fashion choice for women.

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