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Having a delicate and mixed face skin, I try to choose the treatment more thoroughly. Since recent, I’ve started to use Bio2you cosmetics from the CareShop, and it helped my skin look smoother and glowing. 

This facial scrub is for regular use. It’s ingredients contain lots of vitamins and oils that purify the skin maintaining it soft and radiant. Besides, I’ve noticed that my skin tone was greatly improved. In general: For regeneration and hydration good thing to try. Recommend!
Our life becomes very stressful as long as we become older. This eye treatment is very unique – it’s called skin antidepressant. But in fact, it gives you more that you expect. Usually I apply it before bed, but it could be used twice a day, both morning and evening. I don’t know how many natural organic ingredients it has, but in the morning my skin becomes more elastic than before. All the damaged zones are being restored as soon as I apply this oily serum. In general: Highly recommend! Young and healthy skin on your face is guaranteed! Find more here.
To be honest, my hair has no volume at all, they are too thin, yet wavy. As I’ve just started using this treatment, there is a slight effect I could notice – it makes my hair grow faster, and of course, thicker. Though this treatment is for daily use, I do apply it only after having washed my hair several times a week. The smell is good keeping hair with fresh feeling. I’m sure this scalp treatment will restore my hair, as I see how well it moisturizes them.  In general: Must try product. 
ALDO VANDINI: PURE Hydro Body Flud Cotton & White Mangolia
Summer is the period when the skin becomes extremely dry. That is why there occurs an urgent need to have any intensely moisturizing body lotion. This body flud has a light floral fragrance. As I use it daily, the scent doesn’t irritates me, and even accompanies me throughout the day. In general: Skin becomes silky soft. Good one to try.

My hair are very thin. To protect them under the sun, I instantly use this Goldwell spray. It provides an intense moisture to my hair, and they look shiny and healthy. In general: no sun-stressed hair guaranteed!

HAWAIIAN Tropic: Protective Sun Spray Lotion SPF/UVB 20
Though I like to have a tan during the whole year, I know how dangerous it might be in summer. That is why I’ve purchased Protective Sun spray lotion with SPF/UVB 20. This lotion nourishes the skin soo well! Spray has an exotic tropical scent that perfectly matches the summer feelings. The most important thing – it’s not sticky. In general: Penetrating, caring and very water resistant. 

CRYSTAL ESSENCE: Mineral Deodorant Body Spray, Chamomile & Green Tea
That was my first time I’ve tried using the mineral deodorant spray. And it’s really worth trying. Spray is made of natural mineral salts, chamomile and green tea that provide the body with natural protection. One of the important things – it’s hypoallergenic and paraben free. It almost has no fragrance, so it doesn’t interrupt my daily perfume. It is safe enough to be used anywhere on the body. In general: Long-lasting spray perfectly refreshes, calms and protects against bacterias. 

EVELINE Cosmetics: MiniMAX, quick dry & long lasting nail polish, 685

This is my MUST to have several neutral and classic colors for nail polishes. Normally they match any occasion. What I do like about this nail polish – dries very quickly. In general: delicate color that never goes out of trend.

THE BODY SHOP: Born Lippy lip balm, Strawberry

I don’t remember how I’ve got this lip balm, but I use it from time to time. It has a strawberry flavor and also good taste, as I’ve you were eating a real strawberry. Negative thing I’ve noticed while using it – too sticky. This is the reason I’ve started to use it only before bed. But the lips become really soft after all. In general: Tasty kissable lips guaranteed!))

SPARITUAL: nailpolish, Hunk of Burning Love

I’ve already wrote about this nail polish collection in one of my past posts. This time I’ve preferred red color to pastel ones. It is sexy and classy, but the brush is thiner that I wish it to. In general: Good one, but could be better. 



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