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NINA RICCI beautyNINA RICCI Brilliant Lacquer For Nails: 23
I’ve haven’t seen any long-lasting nail polishes like this before. The color ix extremely rich and shiny. The nails glow with this elegant maroon shade. Besides, nail polish has a Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and anti-UV filter that strengthen the nails and keep them out of danger. In general: Smooth and glow is guaranteed. Highly recommend!

NINA RICCI Gloss Douceur Laquee: 04

The lip-gloss looks too dark when it’s packed. Yet, while applying it becomes lighter, and in addition gives some volume to lips. Several ingredients of this lip-gloss prolong the long-lasting gloss. But for me it is too sticky. I prefer to slightly remove the first layer from the lips. In general: Good for those who like to have shiny and lacquered lips.

Rimmel, Maybelline, Fruttini, Manhattan
RIMMEL London Lycra PRO: 290 Pastel Reflection
The best thing I love about this nail polish is the maxi brush – thick and wide. Anti-fade color looks fresh and bright at the same time. In general: super durable nail polish for everyday look.

MAYBELLINE Colors Essential: 625 Iced Caramel
Haven’t tried any smoother lipstick ever. This one nourishes the lips instantly. I just love applying it all the time. To be frank, the picture has a reddish tone, but it’s more caramel alike. The smell of honey nectar is  fabulous. In general: Amazing long-lasting effect without being heavy. 

FRUTTINI Body Lotion: Cranberry Choc
This smell I find to be extremely sexy. The divine fragrance of chocolate and berries smoothly moisturizes the body skin with Vitamin E. In general: Seductive skin care which makes the skin feel fantastic.   

MANHATTAN Lipgloss: Colour Loop Wildberry
I do have some girlish lip-glosses in my beauty bag – most because of the sweet scent. The wildberry lip gloss has the swirl of 3 different colors – but all of them are almost transparent  After applying the lips get the natural shade with the slight gloss. To my surprise the gloss isn’t sticky. In general: Nice lip-gloss with great berry scent for the pretty natural effect.

Freshcover, Maybelline
FRESHCOVER Nail Enamel: #15163 Lavender Sachet; #15153 Fresh Face
Once I’ve visited the love Beauty Fair, I’ve purchased these two unfamiliar nail polishes. The Lavender tone is Ok, but still needs to be applied several times for the best purple effect. The brush is too thin for me. There wasn’t any chipping in the next 2-3 days, but soon I’ve removed it. As for this light peach color – I wish it was  the same like the bottle. Frankly speaking, after the first coat my nails looked as they were unhealthy. This transparent yellowish shade is a disaster. In general: No recommendations for these beauty products with the poor quality. 

MAYBELLINE New York DREAM LUMI touch: Highlighting Concealer 02 Nude
According to my personal organizer there is no time to get a proper rest with the long sleeping hours during the whole week. That is why I had to find something to hide the traces of  this wrong time-schedule. This concealer I’ve got as a gift in the beauty store. I thought it would illuminate the skin under my eyes and in some other places hiding my undereye circles. But I was really diappointed. I had a very heavy feeling under my skin with no brightening effects. In general: Save your money and try to find something else.
Joik skin care
JOIK  Grapefruit & Mandarin Body-lotion with Carrot Oil
Such an amazing fresh smell has this body lotion – perfect after the morning shower. Lotion absorbs very quickly adding the soft and smooth effect to the body skin. Being a big fan of any body care product, this lotion became on of the favorite  The bad thing is about carrot oil that may leave some stains on the light clothing. In general: deliciously fresh moisturizer!

JOIK Light Eye-Cream with Mango Butter & Argan Oil
Since recent my eyes became too sensitive. I’ve decided to care for them more thoroughly. Besides all the ingridients enumerated on the small pack, I felt this cream to be too watery. I was applying it only before the night sleep, it absorbed quickly. But I didn’t feel any moisturizing effect during a couple of weeks. In general: Average skin-care with no special eye-cream treatment.

JOIK Silky Facial Serum with Cranberry Seed Oil 
If you have a dry skin this serum is just perfect. I prefer applying it only before the night sleep not more than twice a week. This treatment moisturizes thoroughly and makes the skin very elastic. The smooth feeling comes almost immediately. In general: Firms and regenerates the skincell. Exceptional facial serum.

PS. JOIK is a real finding. Estonian made cosmetics with natural ingredients and vitamins. Besides, they have stylish design and nice-looking packs. Try them at www.joik.ee



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