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I’ve been featured in the newsletter of What I Wear society. They’ve published my small article about everyday pumps. 🙂
На днях меня включили в рассылку от сообщества  What I Wear. Там была напечатана моя небольшая заметка, как можно надевать каблуки в разных стилях. (*писала увы, только на английском)

Not a single girl will ever go wrong with a classic pair of pumps.
Being a huge fan of high heels I’m going to tell you how to match them in different styles.

Classic: This is the time-tested style. Owning a black pair of pumps is like a formal ammunition. Wear the pumps with a simple white shirt and a black bottom; accessorize the look with a mid-size bag and a cute piece of jewelry. Coco Chanel would adore this look!

Chic: Make a statement and look chic with red heels. I guess they can transform even the most boring outfit into the most interesting look. Red color won’t ever go unnoticed! But try to use the basic solid colors such as black, white, cream, or grey. Red pumps look fashionable with dark palette – they always stand out and look more alluring. For example, go casual with a loose tee, a blazer and a pair of skinnies.

Business: Some say high heels aren’t good for work. Disagree! You will look amazing with a pencil skirt and a dress-shirt combined with the bright pumps. They will refresh the outfit and add a splash of color to your working environment.

Urban: Try the nude heels to be on-trend. The whole point here is that they blend with your legs and visually lengthen them. Pair them with khaki cigarettes and a vivid top. Don’t worry about matching the bright color, this look is all about the contrast. The nude pumps will match perfectly with your everyday outfits, just keep it simple!

Wild: Animals exactly as their prints can be very dangerous. Animal printed pumps look really fabulous when you wear them right. Leopard heels add the perfect kick to the cropped jeans and button down shirt. But for the night out try to pair them with the cute LBD and bright red lips.

Rock: The easiest and best way to dress up in rocker style is to pair the edgy pumps with all black – plain T-shirt, black leathers and a big bag. You can use some metal studs just to add a little bit of something. The pumps will really stand out here and rock the total look.

Romantic: Girls who prefer delicacy over roughness should appreciate the combination of pastel colored dress with high heels. Tights with a subtile floral design will add a flirty vibe to the whole look.

In general, heels are versatile. It is possible to wear them to office work, parties, and big events! Mix and match the pumps with your own personal fashion style. Go and grab a new pair of stunning heels! 😉

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