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The summer’s coming, so here is my regular post with the beauty stuff (review and recommendations)  I’ve been using during the past season.

SPARITUAL Lacquer: Moss , Face of Destiny, A world of Compassion

SpaRitual Evolve Collection Nail Lacquer with soft shades – great for spring. I’ll proceed applying them during the summer period as well. 😉 These nail lacquers from USA feature a 100% vegan formula. The unusual brush length (that is a bit shorter) offers more control and accuracy of application. And the bottles are crafted in Italy from reusable glass .

Shortly about each color:

– Moss Color is a creamy shade of mint green -very seductive & flirty color.

– Face of Destiny is a creamy shade of peachy coral,  holds true and has long-lasting formula.

– A World of Compassion is periwinkle blue. The color is simply gorgeous!

In general: Worth trying!

Classics Metallic Nail Lacquer: 11 & 10

This  is a perfect metallic color nail lacquer. I’ve never been trying this kind of shade, but I’ve always wanted to. It gives very attractive and dazzling color to my nails, especially if they’re longer than usual. The silver color has an effect of liquid metal. The purple color gives a khaki shade with metallic reflections.

In general: The nails become so  stylish and sophisticated. Wonderful line of nail polish with metallic effect. And besides, without caking!

NevO Dead Sea SPA: Cuticle Oil

There was a whole kit with  NevO Dead Sea SPA Nail Care. But the only thing was left – the Cuticle Oil. Normally, I use it during the day, but for the optimal results better to use it nightly. The oil conditions and softens cuticles, and protects against hangnails, painful dryness and splitting.

In general: Good way to care for your hands and nails using oily massages.

CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

To be honest, there was a kit with a Clinique Clarifying Lotion inside. But the half of the bottle I’ve spilled, so it run out quickly)) Although the beauty collection is suited not only for people who have oily skin – for example, mine is normal and sensitive in some areas. The gel moisturizes well, I felt gel-like, not creamy at all, as it was absorbed by my skin pretty fast.

In general:  Gel sinks right into the skin and leaves a very smooth feel on the face. Perfect if you run of time and there’s an urgent need to apply a make-up.

CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap

Love it! Cleanses gently, effectively, without stripping protective lipids. One of the important things – non-drying. This is a mild facial soap in gel form, that lathers just enough to remove even the make-up.

In general:  Best facial soap that I’ve tried for everydays.

CLINIQUE 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula

Scrub is suitable for all skin types. I was worried about trying it as I have sensitive skin around my eye area, but it is good enough to try. It makes my skin feel really soft – exfoliates and still moisturizes.

In general: Refines skin and clears the way for moisture. Very good scrub for all types of skin.

Akademikliniken Optimal Sense: SPF 25 for Face and Body

We all are happy to see  the sun shining in Spring. But this is the most dangerous sun, cause skin isn’t used to the sun’s strong rays. So I’ve started to care for my skin more gently. Druing the whole Spring I’ve been  been wearing a daily moisturizer that contains SPF 25 protection. Frankly speaking, some year ago that was too much for me even for summer period. But now I realize all the risks of sun, so I’ve bought the sun protector. The silky emulsion is easily absorbed by the skin. It really keeps the skin very elastic even when applying the make-up.

In general: No sun damage guaranteed. The skin is smooth and has the long lasting golden tan. The best I’ve ever tried, highly recommend for Winter & Spring!

L’OREAL Paris Triple Active Moisturiser: EYES

Recently my eye area became very sensitive due to the pilling masks I’ve been doing some time ago. So I’ve started to use the eye cream nightly, although it suits for daily use. It is a perefect moisturiser for the eyes. Gives long-lasting hydration, protection and softness. Btw, the cream is enriched with Ceramide and Vitamin B5  making skin lookimg more radiant.

In general:  The cream prevents from UV rays and pollution, and keeps the skin in the eye area nourished and hydrated.



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