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Last Day of February. I have some hours left before posting my Winter Beauty Tips. Tomorrow Calender will show Spring. And that means that my beauty bag will have another range of make-up products. In this post I enumerate all the products I’ve used during the cold season to stay pretty. 😉

I.L.U. make-up tapered brushThis tapered brush is ideal for using highlighter under the eye area. The application is flawless. In general: Nice brush.


L’OREAL Paris The Foundation True Match: W3 Golden Beige

Perfectly matches the skin tone if you have chosen the right bottle. Very true to skin shade.  And besides, without caking!


SALLY HANSEN Insta-Dri Fast Nail Color: 23 Blazing Blue

Love this polish – the color is so vivid! And it doesn’t look very dark I would say, it has a blueish tone with some shimmer inside. The right color I was searching for. Dries very very quickly and brush is so easy to use. In general: bright and long-lasting.


SYGMA Flat Top Synthetc Kabuki: F80

Recently, I’ve received some gifts from Sigma. This cool brush I’ve tried immediately. It is soooo soft, omg! Ideal for all over application of liquid and cream formulas. It feels very pleasant on the sensitive skin. This brush is perfect to seamlessly buff foundation onto the skin. Strongly recommend!


MANHATTAN Quick Dry nailpolish : 52B, 44S

These two nail polishes dry in only 1 minute – long-lasting and has a good shine. Besides, it has a new X-Act Brush for easier application. In General: good for everyday use.


L’ORÉAL Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara: extra-black

Give a maxed-up effect. But not as much as the Ads say. ) The good point is that the brush separates the lashes while applying. Frankly speaking, I hate when there appear small flakes under the eyes.  But after an hour this just starts happening. In general: This mascara is a bit dry for my lashes, although gives a good volume in the very beginning.


MANHATTAN Wake Up Concealer: 1

This is my first concealer. I’ve never tried such kind of products. But recently I’ve realized that I just have to conceal my dark circles under the eyes. Too much work and sitting in the night don’t do any good. But in fact, the concealer didn’t make my tired eyes shine as it was said in the package. Otherwise, dried my skin. Now I use it as a cover stick to conceal some red spots on my face. In general: Too dry for the delicate skin.


ARTDECO Soft Kajal Liner: 60

This tiny kajal lines contains a complex from premium minerals such as zinc, magnesium, Calcium and copper. Fast and simple to apply. Besides, there is a vitamin E to protect eye area against negative environmental influences and humidity loss.  I’ve never thought a liner could have that description)) In general: water resistant and long-lasting.

ARTDECO Mineral Eyeshadow: 03, 12, 21
I’ve chose this set of eye shadows to make an effect of smokey eyes. But I use them more often separately. These mineral eyeshadows have a super quality and made of pure minerals. Light-reflecting loose concealer powder I also use as an eyeshadow. But from time to time mix it with the other shades. iit gives a fresh look to face. In general: good thing to try!
ARTDECO Eyeshadow BaseThe best discovery ever! This eyeshadow base  has a soft and creamy texture. “The consistency prevents the deposition of eyeshadow in the eyelid crease and makes the powder eyeshadows highly long-lasting, intense and brilliant.” That what I was trying to say)) Vitamin E nourishes and protects the sensitive skin of the eyes. The best thing is that it’s suitable for all kind of eyeshadows and improves any color intensity.  In general: must-have!
ARTDECO Ceramic Nail Lacquer: 121This nail polish has a patented ceramic formula, perfect coverage and good durability.  It is also resistant against chipping. In general: high color brilliancy guaranteed!
ARTDECO Mineral Powder Brush: Eye PerfectionVery soft brush in rounded shape is ideal for smooth application of powder eye-shadows. Extremely flexible premium synthetic hairs perfect cover of the desired area, in particular around the eyes. In General: perfectly supplements the mineral eye-shadows.



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