Hypeed Fashion Magazine Contribution:Winter Wonderland. Holiday Outfit

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Winter Wonderland

“It’s time to get a little creative! I think wintertime is so inspiring, I can’t help but launching this theme about the wonders of the cold season! When I think of winter, I picture a pretty forest with trees covered in snow, or a warm and conforting fire in the hearth. I want you to show me your Winter Wonderland and, of course, what you’d be wearing in that magical place!”


Your Holiday Outfit!

“Every year it’s the same story: we spend hours trying to figure out what to wear for the holidays! Christmas, and then New Year’s Eve’! It means that not only do we have to worry about the presents, but we have to think about our outfits too! I have no idea what to wear just yet, so I’m sure you can help me! Show me what you’ll be wearing for the holiday season, and it’ll inspire me”




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