Battle: DRESSES. Hollywood VS Russia

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Reese Witherspoon VS Ksenia Sobchak

I like Ksenia. To my opinion she has more winning position with those shoes and purse. But I can’t notice the fact, that Reese is getting more and more elegant.

Michelle Monaghan VS  Tania Gevorkian

Same style, same dress and even similar shoes. Like both.

Beyonce VS Olga Kurylenko

Beyonce wins))) She has more glam than Olga. But Ms. Kurylenko is like a real  lady, and I like her shoes.

Leona Lewis VS Alsou

Alsou is always so sweet and stylish. And she has a perfect body for such type of dress, not as Leonas…

Angie Harmon VS Oxana Fedorova

Bravo Angie!She is so good here inspite of the dominant gold colour. But Oxana made the look overloaded

Anna Mouglalis VS Liza Boyarskaya

This Chanel white dress looks on Anna and fits her much better than Liza.

Selita Ebanks VS Zara

Don’t know even what to saw. Both look so fine. But I like Zara’s hair style more.

Elena Kuletskaya VS Gerry Halliwell

Again, I like both of them. But I don’t like Gerry’s fur coat…it’s too much.

Tania Gevorkian VS Jaime Winstone

Nor Tania, neither Jaime…..  the t-shirt is too violent. But I like Jaimes accessories.

Ulyana Sergeenko VS Eve

No, no no!!! Don’t like Ulyana’s accessories. And Eve is too masculine for this dress.

Anna Paquin VS Jana  Rudkovskaya

Actually I don’t like Jana, but here she looks so classy and elegant. My vote goes to her))

Drew Barrymore VS Irina Chaikovskaya

As we see, Drew made a visual effect to stay slim. Well done. Especially adore her hair cut. But Irina’s shoes and red lipstick are making me crazy.

Penelope Cruz VS Miroslava Duma

Ohh…. these are my favorites. Excellent girls!!! Nothing to add.

Dita Von Teese VS  Ekaterina Mcituridze

Dita keeps her style as always. But Ekaterina for me is more acceptable.

Dita Von Teese VS  Ekaterina Mcituridze

Again. No comments. Both are beautiful, but in different ways.

Tina Kandelaki VS Sandra Bullock

I love when the brunettes wear indigo colour. So chic. That’s why Tina wins))

Evelina Khromchenko VS Georgina Chapman

Both are so elegant and know what the fashion should be. I can’t imagine Evelina wearing this dress in white…

Ekaterina Mcituridze VS Eva Mendes

I like Eva a lot, but I think Ekaterina is one of the sexiest and stylish journalist in Russia though she’s georgian. And this Dolce&Gabbana dress looks on her better. But it fits Eva also very good.

Jennifer Connelly VS Ksenia Sobchak

Sorry Jennifer, but not this time. Ksenia made this look more interesting using her coat, black tights and glasses.



  1. Kimmy Davis says:

    This is incredible!

    I am so impressed by your editing and skill!

    Officially a big fan of your blog 🙂


  2. Sissy says:

    Hi Luciné just added u to my blog list ; ) U have such a great blog. Your shooting pics are just adorable I wish I could have some professional pics also. U get the impression that u look older but I just think u look GREAT!!!!

  3. lalaforfashion says:

    love this post! Evelina's dress is defo my favorite!

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