Clothes play significant role in an outfit, but don’t underestimate the accessories – they surely express your individuality. Even one outfit can be varied with bold addings. For example, people

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Street Art for LV

Check these amazing street-inspired scarves. I’m totally abscessed with this art expression. High-fashion brand Louis Vuitton has started new collaboration with street-style artists. More details in the video below. 😉 Pictures taken from: Papuatattoo,

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While Wintering

The city is covered with snow and it’s quite frosty outside. But that doesn’t bother me anyhow. On the contrary – the pictures of the outfit come out so bright and vivid

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Earthy Colors

Looking at these pictures the heart fills with joy. Such a sunny weather was some time ago. I’m glad I could make these pictures in time. Cause soon, the gloomy winter

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