terracota city yerevan cascade

Terracotta City

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Yerevan city has numerous art spaces. Cascade is one of them. This is a giant stairway that links the upper town with the downtown. Inside and outside the Cascade there

Orange Blue

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Some people are afraid of color. And there always occur a question how to put colors together to create an eye-catching outfit. I would suggest to look for the color


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The outfit was worn on the Sunday promenade. As the weather is still cold, I try to warm myself with whatever comes to hand. That day I used a bright

pink orange

Pinkish Orange

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“Hot” – synonyms: burning, feverish, scorching, sizzling, sultry, sweltering, torrid… And that ain’t for summer. You can still remain in the “hot mood” despite cold weather outside. I’ve never thought I could match vivid pink with orange before. That