Swirl & Flow

Moms wardrobe can sometimes be very useful. There was a time when we’ve been swapping clothes with each other constantly. And even now, this gold knitted sleeveless top I’ve borrowed from mom.Very classy and timeless garment.

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White beach dress

Summer – season of refreshment. I’m continuing to enjoy it a lot.  Want to boast a little – this stunning knitted dress was made by my good friend Anait Mesropjan. She was doing

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Holiday eve

Haik Solar & Arni Rock ft. Narine – Beautiful Our Christmas tree Vintage sweater Antique candelabrum  J’adore les escargots  My Christmas present Piece of spring in winter

Salsa concert

I had a really great time after the concert of salseros “Kings of Salsa”. Their moves and singing was sooo sexy and tempting…. In the end everybody was dancing, despite

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