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Looking Classy

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Don’t miss these style tips! Summer is all about these loose cropped pants. They’re neither a skirt nor pants. Culottes are something in between. I know that many women hesitate

blue shirt open sleeves

More Coffee, Please

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For years, we’ve named Monday the worst day ever. This week proved it. Not because it’s the first day after the weekend, but because of chaos and instability in the



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All my friends know I’m a frenchaholic. I adore the way French people live, and the simple sophistication they bring into their lives. In fashion they just put a little effort and get an utterly


Blue Cap

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Oopsy! Looks like I’ve totally forgotten to publish these pictures captured in the end of September. Who said velvet is only for special occasions? This is the leading f/w trend that



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It’s a great time to show off your beautiful outfit during night out. And dresses will definitely play a significant role in the evening wardrobe. I personally used to spend much time

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Evening Elegance

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The past two weeks were full of trips, events, and fashion shows. Before I start reviewing Riga Fashion Week, here’s a huge announcement for my Tallinn fashionistas: We now have


Bow WOW Shoes

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The basic tips for achieving an elegant timeless look may be very simple. The main rule is to stick to clean lines and focus on quality. For that, you don’t

Black & White

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Wearing all back is no guarantee anymore of being well dressed, at least for now. White top-to-toe outfit looks even surprisingly classier. But how to find the balance? Much simpler

Classy Black

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We all have at least one black skirt, black top or LBD in our wardrobes. If you’re getting bored with them, add a small detail at the waist named peplum.