• 70s, ’90s, Soviet sci-fi, American West, preppy, sexy, slightly Twin Peaks–esque, with a touch British equestrian posh.
  • Collection shot both on set and on location at the Russian State Library in Moscow.
  • Ruched, hand-tooled, chisel-toed cowboy boots and integrated-sock grandpa derbies were the foundation of a collection that flirted cleverly with utilitarian quirk.
  • Deconstructed trenches, backward jackets, tops with integrated gloves (un-buttonable at the inner arm for phone use and dining), plus loose knits with similar arm openings were some of the other slyly unconventional pieces here.
  • Full skirts were plentifully un-buttonable: the better, Alaverdian said, to allow the wearer to calibrate her preferred level of preppy versus sexy.
  • There were a lot of boot-cut denim and corduroy pants worn under trucker-Western jacket hybrids, and a fun long brown corduroy coat overlaid with chevrons of fake fur based on Alaverdian’s memory of a coat once rocked by her grandmother.
  • For a customer in search of sensually conceived, thought-through oddity, A.W.A.K.E. is worth looking at.

Natalia Alaverdian interviewd by Luke Leitch, source Vogue

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